The Las Vegas Golden Knights have a very impressive streak of wins against quality opponents. Check out their biggest victories this season!

#5 November 11: 3-2 victory over the Minnesota Wild

#5 November 11: 3-2 victory over the Minnesota Wild

This might have looked like just another regular-season game for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, but the implications would mean so much!. Keep in mind that this was the same Minnesota Wild that forced the Knights into a game seven in the first round of the postseason last year. The same team that is now fourth place in the Central Division and could make another playoff run. This means they will likely be an opponent the Knights run into during the postseason.

When the two teams met for their November 11 matchup, there was an intensity in the air. However, the Golden Knights would thrive on that pressure, shutting the Wild out in the first two periods of the game. As for the offense, Jonas Rondbjerg, Paul Cotter, and Johnathan Marchessault combined for three goals and one assist that day. 

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