Mysterious international magician extends run at NOTORIETY LIVE...

There are well over a dozen resident magic shows performing throughout Sin City at any given time. Although each hopes to wow you with the power of illusion, they're not all alike...nor do they aim to please the same demographic. Magical productions range from the intimate (Banachek's MIND GAMES ) and kid-skewing (Mac King) to the risque (Late Night Magic) and those that encourage you to get as smashed as the entertainer (muscleman James Michael and his Redneck Comedy Magic). 

Those seeking a full-scale magic production can select from the expensive (David Copperfield), the bloated and overblown (Criss Angel MINDFREAK LIVE), or old-fashioned fun (Xavier Mortimer: The Dream Master). One of the best large-scale productions to hit the Strip in recent years was David Goldrake: IMAGINARIUM. Now David is back, entertaining audiences at Downtown's NOTORIETY LIVE with "M" Is For "Magic"

Here are some great reasons to check out this intriguing new production from the original International Man of Mystery.  

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